Virtual Plant

How to run the game

Since this game is command-line based (execpt for the save and load screens), it's not as easy as just double-click the .jar and start playing.
Here you'll find the instructions for running properly, as well as a not as detailed version of this page in the README.txt, inside the packages.

System requirements

Virtual Plant is not a World of Warcraft, it doesn't require much CPU, and almost no hard-disk space (not mentioning that there are no instalations needed).
There hasn't been any tests on slow or old systems, but there is need of the Java Virtual Machine, preferably version 6 update 18 (build 1.6.0_18-b07) or above.

Via command-line

Open your console of choice (cmd, on windows XP, Vista and 7, bash -or any console emulator- on unix systems), in possession of the JVM command (usually just java, but there are other java emulators, as GIJ), and go to the folder where you saved the .jar.
Once in the said folder, just execute:
java -jar "Virtual Plant.jar"
And you will be in the game.

Via scripts

The packages with binaries (jar-only and full) contain also scripts for convenience. The procedure above is executed by the scripts, which open a console window with the game already running.
The scripts use the java -jar command, and, if your JVM doesn't use this command, you may feel free to open the scripts in any text editor and change them to best suit you.
In a note about the linux script: check if the file is executable! If the file doesn't have the execution permission to your user, run chmod +x [filename].
Regarding the personalization of the scripts, follows their engines:

Windows script (Virtual Plant.bat):
This script simply calls the JVM with the .jar, starting a console window. There's only one line of code, the same shown above.
Unix script (Virtual Plant, no extension):
First it runs cd . to change the current folder of the console to the folder where the script is, then it calls the JVM.

In both cases the scripts must be at the same folder as the .jar file, and the .jar name shall not be changed. Any of this actions must occur, either return the files to the same folder or the name back to the original, otherwise the scripts won't work.